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Pear Orchard Whitetails
Breezewood, PA
Barkley Young
Brucellosis:  Certified
TB Tested:  Accredited
Big Man
Big Man is yet another example of the huge deer that Pear Orchard Whitetails has been putting on the ground for years!

He is the LARGEST Big Guy 2 year old EVER! He may possibly be the largest Big Guy son period. His pedigree is incredible to say the least. Big Man’s sire Big Guy speaks for himself, and his dam Little Orange 23 is a rock star! She is the mother to 3 sons that were over 30” INSIDE, she also has sons with 31” main beams, 16” G2’s and over 12” mass measurements… she’s getting it done in a BIG way. Little Orange 23 is also ½ sister to Texas Tea’s dam!

This is a line of deer that is starting to gain major support and recognition on a national level.

The PREDICTABILITY and CONSISTENCY of Barkley and Cole’s deer comes from years of line-breeding. The results are impressive to say the least!

All of Pear Orchards sires have averaged over 26" Inside Spread for the past 7 years! Again, these are all sires from their own genetic line... no AI influence has been included here.

If you want to add WIDTH and WOW factor to your herd then this line is for you!

For questions or more information please contact Barkley Young at 814-889-9423
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  PS # 76 
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  Orange 454 
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